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Men with guns bar QUQ from entering offices...

Marisa Demarco   [ Tue Jun 26 2012 3:56 PM ]
Geoff Plant

When Erica Jones got to work this morning, she encountered an armed security officer.

“Can I help you?” asked Jones, the community outreach coordinator for Quote ... Unquote, Inc.

“Can I help you?” asked the man, blocking her passage into the building at 519 Central, NW.

(Read the full story at the Alibi)

This Week's Show

Stay tuned Thursday April 19th for another riveting show Richard Becker. Western Regional Director of the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now To Stop War and End Racism) will be our guest talking about 'the wars'/Liberation Movements in the Middle East and how/why the ANSWER Coalition is
organizing here in Amerika. So join Lora lucero and I at the table.


The talk at Iliff School of Theology will be held in the Bartlett Room at 2201 S. University Blvd .- from 11 AM to 12:45. The talk itself will be around 45 to 50 minutes followed by Q&A. Parking is available in the first lot, which is located on E. Iliff Ave. right off of University. Please let your friends in the Denver area know about this event.


Leah Bolger, a retired Navy Commander, stood up at the Super Committee and spoke for 52 seconds before she was arrested. She was recently in court having plead guilty to disrupting the meeting or whatever. This is an interview with her and her reaction to her sentence which was fortunately very lenient. She also supports Occupy.


Lora Lucero arrested August 2011 at the White House protesting climate change and the Keystone XL Pipeline.


Sampling of voices empowered by NM Indy Media in the last year:

Channel 27, Thursdays @ 7pm

  • Cuidando Los Ninos (serving homeless children in Albuquerque)
  • Numerous local musicians
  • Wild Earth Guardians
  • Programs at Metropolitan Detention Center
  • Media Arts Collaborative Charter School
  • Casa de Salud (South Valley health clinic – sliding scale fees – they turn no one away!)
  • Cesar Chavez Remembrance and Celebration/interviews
  • Enlace Comunitario (domestic violence)
  • Numerous UNM scholars on a variety of subjects
  • Native American Studies

  • Women’s Studies

  • Exploration of current health care system and alternatives
  • GI Rights Hotline
  • Southwest Research and Information Center
  • Agua es Vida Action Group (water issues city and statewide)
  • NM Journalism Network
  • Tewa Women United
  • Discussions on bank foreclosures of homes
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • UNM Student Voices
  • Hundreds of community announcements of events from Old Town cultural events (City of Albuquerque, National Hispanic Cultural Center, and many others

Georgia GOP conducts delegate meeting illegally.


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